#35: Post-It Window Wars

Pac Man!

David E., a psychology major, thinks that the Post-It note messages and window wars are AWESOME. If you happen to be driving or walking on Circle Road and pass by the Nobel Halls, you can see Post-It likenesses of Nintendo characters Mario and Bowser,

1UP Musroom becomes a SUP Mushroom!

Mushrooms, and many other creative images and words fashioned from colored Post-Its. Love seeing creative expressions around campus – friendly reminder – keep them clean or they will likely be removed.

Have you seen this anywhere else on campus? Leave us a comment and let us know!

Mario & Bowser!

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One Response to #35: Post-It Window Wars

  1. SBUer says:

    Toscanini in Tabler, a minion from Despicable Me. And the famous 4-suite post-it war that ended a few weeks ago at Cardozo in Roth, facing Roth dining

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