#31: Random Compliments

Rob D, poli sci major, observed some awesomeness while in line at Starbucks today on campus. You’ve all been there – you made it through the line at Starbucks on campus (you know how long it gets at those peak times) and you are waiting patiently for your drink. The baristas are working their butts off trying to chug out caffine in all forms: fraps, macchiatos, lattes, all to make the customer happy. However, the impatience of the customers is palpable – they need their caffine now. Rob was in this situation today. While waiting for his drink, he observed a random act of complimentary kindness: a girl approached another girl and said, “oh my gosh I LOVE your shoes!” Rob reported that “the girl recieving the praise was super excited and her smile wouldn’t go away. It was really nice to see this unfold in the midst and the rush of Starbucks.”

Next time you notice someones cools shoes, or awesome bag, or something like that, don’t be shy – make their day! Compliments make people feel AWESOME.

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