#30: Thrill the World

Natalia P. explained this AWESOME thing for us: “Thrill the World: SBU aims to help break the world record for most people dancing the Thriller worldwide at the exact same time on October 29th. The record to beat is 22, 923 people from 32 different countries as of 2009. Since the beginning of October, a group of kids from across the quads have been gathering in Tabler’s inner quad (or various Tabler college rec rooms during rainy days) to learn the dance. Practices are usually held by Thomas M., a junior, and co-conspirators Natalia P. and Karen M., freshmen, on Wednesdays and Fridays, and often run by another member of the zombie squad Thursday nights for those who can’t make any other practices.”

“It’s been a great experience to be part of Thrill the World: SBU. It’s helped me branch out and meet people and make friends I’m sure are going to last through the year, if not forever. I was never one to dance, but this pulled me out of my shell and I regret nothing.” This is particularly awesome in a few ways: 1- it brings communities of the world together to dance to Michael Jackson, 2- it creates smaller AWESOME communities of friends during practices, 3- it helped Natalia (and others, we’re sure) on a personal level! Love it.

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