#19: Amazing Advisors

We recently recieved a submission from Kenneth B., a bio major who thinks Mr. Jeremy Marchese, advisor for the Undergraduate College of Arts, Culture & Humanities, (ACH) is AWESOME! As blog administrators, Rob & I (Denise) have to agree as this one is particularily close to our hearts. Jeremy was both of our advisors since we were both ACH students and college fellows.

ACH students and Jeremy at the Battle of the Undergraduate College’s Field Day on 10/15/11

I was also Jeremy’s intern and got to work with him daily last year. The geniune care and concern Jeremy has for his students is nothing short of amazing. Kenneth says that Jeremy is “quite possibly the BEST undergrad advisor Stony Brook has to offer. No one comes close to Jeremy in terms of wit, personality and intellect! I feel secure at Stony Brook knowing that I will always have this man guiding me in the right direction.” I know Kenneth is not the only one who feels this way about Jeremy – it is often joked that Jeremy has a cult-like following; his office is always full of his students, both ACH and “adopted” students that he has worked with through Orientation and other places. Jeremy is creative, caring, and his genuine concern for each student does not go unnoticed. We think it is AWESOME that Jeremy’s door is always open for us. Thank you to advisors like Jeremy who make students feel that they matter and are important; you really do make a difference every single day.

From left to right, Rob, Denise and Jeremy at the Student Life Awards May 2011
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