#10: ACH Students Standing Up Against Bullying

Jeremy M., the Advisor of the Undergraduate College of Arts, Culture and Humanities (ACH) thinks that his Fellows (a group of students who learn how to be a TA for an ACH 101 class and put on programs) are the best.

Jeremy told us, ” The ACH Fellows, namely Danielle Barbato, Benn Lam, Luke Fontana, Faith Vann, and Casey Chan, were all instrumental in getting the Stony Brook Stand Up Charter recognized as an official group on campus.  Stand Up is dedicated to raising awareness about, and putting an end to, bullying and homophobia.  This e-board, and the students who are members of this group, are truly AWESOME in their dedication, commitment and passion.”

A group of students working together to put an end to bullying on campus is inspirational and exciting. If you want to support their effort, go to http://www.stonybrook.edu/ucolleges/ugc/ach/stand_up_petition.shtml.

We are so glad to have students all over campus, like the ACH Fellows, working to create a Community of Awesome with the support of incredible staff like Jeremy. Another way to pledge your committment to creating a caring community is by taking the Community Pledge at http://studentaffairs.stonybrook.edu/pledge/index.shtml. Thanks!

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