#13: The Spirit of Stony Brook

The Spirit of Stony Brook at the 2011 Columbus Day Parade (photo credit: Wolfie's Facebook)

 Over the past five years, The Spirit of Stony Brook Athletic Bands have provided Seawolves athletic teams and fans with incredible entertainment and encouragement. Still young, The Spirit of Stony Brook has grown from 17 members to over 150. Erin K., an Anthropology/Italian/Bio major (wow!) says, “everytime they play it warms my heart. They remind me that I go to a great university with great people. They always make me smile.” They always make us smile, too…AWESOME!

The Athletic Bands includes the Marching Band that can be seen at Football Games and the Pep Band that be seen at Basketball Games. Our Band is even more awesome because they don’t just play music, they have some dance moves too! Check them out at a Seawolves sporting events and various special events!


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