#12: Coming Together to Care for Each Other

The Graduate School of Social Welfare, Student Health Advisory Council, and Active Minds are cosponsoring a Candlelight Vigil of Hope (tonight, Thursday 10/13 at 7pm near Roth Pond). The Vigil aims to bring students, faculty, and staff together to spread a message of hope and acceptance and unite to end discrimination because of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, and/or sexual orientation. Efforts like the Candelight Vigil of Hope, the Stand Up Against Bullying initative, and the Community Pledge all strive to foster a safe, caring campus environment. Coming together as a community that celebrates and appreciates one another’s differences is certainly awesome. Get involved in creating a caring community – attend the Vigil of Hope, Stand Up against bullying, and take the Community Pledge. We need each member on board to create a Community of Awesome! 




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One Response to #12: Coming Together to Care for Each Other

  1. Kathleen Valerio says:

    Recognized by New York Stae College Health Association as 2010-2011 Outstanding Student Event of the Year!

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