#5: Campus Recreation

Dean B., a staff member in The Department of Campus Recreation thinks that C-REC ROCKS! “With Intramurals, Group Fitness Classes, Sport Clubs, the Wellness Center, Special Events/Programs, our AWESOME trips/adventures and so much more!… Not to mention the 85000 Sq. Ft. Campus Recreation Center that will be ready for you to all use in the Fall 2012! Visit www.recreation.sunysb.edu for more information!”

basketball tournament

A C-REC basketball event in the Sports Complex

Have you noticed the framework for the new Campus Rec Center spring up out of the ground between the Sports Complex and Union? Before we know it, two floors of pure student recreation will be ours! That means more open rec, more fitness classes, more equipment to use and more AWESOME! Say goodbye to the little wellness center in the SAC and sharing the Arena for open rec; and hello to a multilevel rec palace!

Campus Rec definitely helps to make our campus a more fun, fit and active place by sponsoring a whole bunch of off campus trips: white water rafting, skiing trips, a trip to Six Flags, mountain biking…plus and on campus events: sports tournaments and the Rec-A-Thon where a whole lot of students stay up late and play sports all night. C-REC trips tend to sell out shortly after they go on sale, so be sure to act quickly!

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