#1: Free Stuff!

Rob. D, a student and blog administrator, Political Science major, thinks “free things in a recession” are AWESOME.

free seawolves SWAG

"What's a Seawolf" shirt - a coveted campus giveaway. "Seawolves Country" books from Communications, Pins from Student Life & Admissions. Price for all=FREE!

Though Stony Brook is not immune to the tough economic climate, offices, clubs, departments still manage together to scrape some change together for free stuff. Stop by info fairs, club and organization meetings, athletic games to try to score some swag – giveaways, food – free is a definite favorite flavor! Plus, you never know what else you may get from stopping by an event or meeting.

Stony Brook has made sure to not let that negativity win over on the happiness that is produced by being handed some random free object. The lucky ones can listen to an iPod they won while they spend a nice gift card they won and sign the receipt with a sweet free pen and take a picture of what they just bought on their new and free digital camera to post pictures to COMMUNITYOFAWESOME.COM (You see what I did there? Shameless self promotion!)

We literally cannot wait to read all of your submissions and write out these blog posts! Keep them coming and keep being awesome!

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2 Responses to #1: Free Stuff!

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  2. Kathleen Valerio says:

    Happy birthday “Awesome” with regards to those students now graduated (Denise!) who initiated this awesome site.

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