#283: Break the Silence!

April 11th, 2014: The LGBTQ* Day of Silence, a day of sober reflection and meditation on the silencing effects of LGBTQ* bullying and violence. On this day and for their part, a small group of ACH fellows put on “Break the Silence,” the goal of which was to not only observe the national holiday but also to celebrate and honor it. In addition to free food and an awesome DJ, the event featured a star-studded panel, which tackled questions involving anything from personal experience to transnational human rights. The four panel members were: Olivia Sanchez, President of the SBU StandUp Charter; Jeremy Marchese, Senior Staff Assistant and advisor for the University Scholars Program; John Martin, President of the SBU LGBTA; and David Piercey, Sanger RHD. Shouts-out to ACH fellows Ella Holme, Estelle Gyimah, Michael Itzkin, Justin Maietta, and Eric Noh for their hard work on this crucial and inspirational event!


#282: Midnight in Paris

Maintaining their reputation for putting on only the best events, the University Scholars held yet another fabulous program last week, this time bringing us not to Stony Brook, but to that city of love, that city of light—Paris, France.

Well, maybe not actually. But the atmosphere was certainly there—the art, the photography, the music, the “Paris” of it all. One got the impression that SAC B was not so much a ballroom as it was perhaps a dimly lit lounge in some quaint back alley Parisian café. In addition to the well-crafted atmosphere, moreover, the event, aptly titled “Midnight in Paris,” offered two exciting components: an art show, made up of photography, drawings, poetry, you name it; and an Eiffel Tower-building contest, in which participants (~40 of them) had to build the tallest and most accurate Eiffel Tower out of plastic bottles. And the takeaway—responsible recycling—was just as important as the event was entertaining; indeed, never before was recycling so fun, so exciting, so artistic.

Many thanks go to the Scholars Program for putting on awesome, eco-friendly events!



#281: MaMA

You’re familiar with government for the people, by the people—but what about modern art for modern artists, by modern artists? From March 3rd until March 12th, Stony Brook University’s Fine Arts Organization (FAO) offered MaMA–Modern Art by Modern Artists–in the SAC Gallery. Like the FAO itself, the exhibit was student-run and dedicated to showcasing student art in any and all forms, the big and the small, the classic and the avant-garde. Nature, the body, the mind, the spirit, the soul–if you can think of it, then the artists of MaMA have already made it beautiful. Thanks go out to the FAO for their commitment to “expanding the arts community at Stony Brook University” through events like MaMA!



(Pictured above: a drawing by Nicole Palmer, just one of the many phenomenal artists featured at MaMA.)

#280: Seawolves & Sushi: A Lovestory

On Monday, March 3rd, in collaboration with the Japanese Student Organization, the Stony Brook University Culinary Club held their “Sushi Night”—a fabulous evening of DIY sushi and fun with friends. In fact, the event was so popular they had to cap attendance at 80 people, turning countless others away at the door. “Sushi Night” offered students—be they sushi-lovers or just plain food-lovers—the opportunity to make their own sushi and make friends in the process! You can, after all, make your sushi and eat it, too—and that’s awesome!


#279: A Perfect Match on Match Day!

The day was already extraordinary.

It was the third Friday in March 2014, and for med students everywhere in the United States this meant one thing and one thing only—”Match Day,” the day they found out the residency program to which they were matched.

For Roger Luo, a fourth-year med student here at SBU, however, Match Day 2014 didn’t only offer an opportunity to learn his residency assignment. No—in the middle of the chaos and excitement, among the ripping and tearing of envelopes and the howls of delight they brought with them, Roger Luo proposed to Gaby Chancay, his longtime girlfriend and fellow medical student at Stony Brook University.

Here’s how he did it. Luo contacted the dean’s office here at SBU, and they happily agreed to place a separate envelope on top of Chancay’s residency assignment. As a result, when Chancay went to open her package at noon that fateful Match Day, she found, shockingly, two envelopes: one from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in NYC (her actual residency assignment; congratulations to her!), and one from a “Cupid-affiliated” hospital, a.k.a. Roger Luo, her soon-to-be-fiancé. As Chancay discovered this second, suspect letter, Luo made his move; he dropped a knee, and in the middle of that hectic scene he popped the question—to which Chancay, now teary-eyed, responded with a resounding yes.

Congratulations to Roger Luo and Gaby Chancay on their residency assignments—Luo will go on to New Jersey Medical School/Rutgers, Chancey will go to Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai—and on their happy engagement! 

We here at Community of Awesome think perfect matches on Match Day are AWESOME!


Photo courtesy of Stony Brook University 

Source: http://www.today.com/style/perfect-match-med-student-stages-surprise-proposal-match-day-2D79419524

#279 Student Health Advisory Committee Kicks Butts!

The Student Health Advisory Committee hosted “SBU Kicks Butts” during Campus Lifetime on Wednesday, March 12th. SHAC collected over 1,000 signatures and used 350 of those to create an “SBU KICKS BUTTS” sign to bring awareness to the global impact of harvesting tobacco and how “green tobacco sickness” is diagnosed in children as young as five years old who work in tobacco fields. Thanks SHAC for bringing awareness to this cause! 

Check out their video here!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zIj4lK7YpdI

#278: I Search, You Search, We All Search for Research!

Here’s the scenario: you’re an up and coming student at Stony Brook University and at some point, somewhere in that moment between matriculating and matriculated, between undergraduate and graduate, you realize something: you want to participate in research. You want that first hand experience, that posterior knowledge, that opportunity to progress, successfully or not, from hypothesis to experiment to peer review to journal publication.

But how do you begin? Where do you go? With whom do you consult?

If you’ve asked yourself these questions (and we all have), then fear no more—the University Scholars Program has got you covered. On Tuesday, March 4th, at 6:00pm in SAC Ballroom B, the University Scholars Program held their annual research panel event, which drew in a crowd of more than 60 students! Wonderfully hosted by SCH Advisor David Maynard and SCH Faculty Director Brian Colle, the SCH research panel featured University Scholars Ain Gulamhussein, Dana Castro, Bryan Szeglin, and April Slamowitz—all of whom kindly shared their experiences with locating and securing research positions. What’s more, the panel members answered all the questions the audience had, and even stayed after the event was over to talk and mingle with interested students.

This post goes out to the University Scholars Program for answering all of our most pressing questions about research!



(Pictured above: Ain Gulamhussein speak with two students after the research panel)