#288: Standing Up for Breast Cancer

RA Alexa Goldstein of Eisenhower College in Kelly Quad shared the following story with us! On October 28th, over 180 Resident Assistants, Residence Hall Directors, and Student Leaders came to the field of LaValle stadium to stand up and speak out for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Alexa says “RAs have the power to educate residents about different topics. By informing residents and students now with this message, we hope that it will inspire them to get checked as early detection saves lives. The goal of this program was to show the campus community that Campus Residences along with the rest of Stony Brook University supports Breast Cancer awareness!” It turns out Alexa organized the event and successfully recruited the help of these student leaders, professional staff and administrators! Awesome job Alexa, you should be proud!


#287: Professor Appreciation!

There’s no doubt that Stony Brook is an amazing institution. It’s ranked in the top 1 percent of of the world’s higher education institutions  and is ranked as one of the top 100 universities by the U.S. News and World Report. Stony Brook University has some of the “brightest minds in the world” (our buses even say it!). It is also a school that helps students grow by challenging them academically, as well as supporting them. A integral part of students’ learning are the professors who help them along the way. And when a professor goes out of their way to show they care about their students, it’s even more awesome! A freshman student recently shared with us this tidbit about Sustainability Studies Professor, Dr. David Taylor: “My professor sent out a message to our class simply thanking us for our efforts and intelligence, even going as far as saying that he and other faculty should do this more often.” The student thought it was so cool that Dr. Taylor showed this random act of appreciation. So thanks Dr. Taylor for making this student’s day and being a caring professor! 


#286 Twinning in the Workplace: Seawolf Style!

A great thing about Stony Brook students is their desire to show their swagger, even in the workplace! This photo was sent to us by a Graduate Student Assistant in the Office of Student Activities. Great minds thought alike as Samantha and James came into work wearing identical sweatshirts with coffee in tow! Talk about staff bonding! The result was this adorable picture. Graduate Student Assistants work hard for the university by supporting their departments as a psuedo-professional staff member. So here’s a shout out to Samantha Worrilow and James Joy for all you to do! 


Did you know? The Stony Brook Bookstore in the Library and Seawolves Marketplace in the Student Activities Center  offer a wide selection of sweatshirt swagger? Wear red on Fridays to the Seawolves Marketplace and get 20% off your purchase! 

#285 Pasta-tively Awesome!

It’s already awesome that Stony Brook has delicious choices for a quick bite called Under 3, which are under 300 calories and under $3.00 in price. But, it gets even better! A student shared with us that she was waiting on line in the Student Activities Center to buy one of these items and was about to pay in cash. The student behind her exclaimed “Don’t use your “real” money for that, I have extra meal points!” and then offered to pay for her snack! She hesitated accepting, but he insisted. She said his name was Dylan and he was super nice. She left feeling very thankful. So thank you Dylan, wherever you are, for your generosity! 

photo (4)

#284 Go, Fight, Win, WOLFSTOCK!!

Have you spotted Wolfie’s paw prints around our campus? Saturday, September 27th is Wolfstock, Stony Brook’s annual Homecoming tradition. Wolfstock Village starts at 3PM with food, games, and all sorts of fun before the big Homecoming football game at 6PM in LaValle Stadium! Come watch the Seawolves take on William and Mary and be sure to have your red on! Check out the entire list of events for next week here! http://www.stonybrook.edu/commcms/wolfstock/students.html


#283: Break the Silence!

April 11th, 2014: The LGBTQ* Day of Silence, a day of sober reflection and meditation on the silencing effects of LGBTQ* bullying and violence. On this day and for their part, a small group of ACH fellows put on “Break the Silence,” the goal of which was to not only observe the national holiday but also to celebrate and honor it. In addition to free food and an awesome DJ, the event featured a star-studded panel, which tackled questions involving anything from personal experience to transnational human rights. The four panel members were: Olivia Sanchez, President of the SBU StandUp Charter; Jeremy Marchese, Senior Staff Assistant and advisor for the University Scholars Program; John Martin, President of the SBU LGBTA; and David Piercey, Sanger RHD. Shouts-out to ACH fellows Ella Holme, Estelle Gyimah, Michael Itzkin, Justin Maietta, and Eric Noh for their hard work on this crucial and inspirational event!


#282: Midnight in Paris

Maintaining their reputation for putting on only the best events, the University Scholars held yet another fabulous program last week, this time bringing us not to Stony Brook, but to that city of love, that city of light—Paris, France.

Well, maybe not actually. But the atmosphere was certainly there—the art, the photography, the music, the “Paris” of it all. One got the impression that SAC B was not so much a ballroom as it was perhaps a dimly lit lounge in some quaint back alley Parisian café. In addition to the well-crafted atmosphere, moreover, the event, aptly titled “Midnight in Paris,” offered two exciting components: an art show, made up of photography, drawings, poetry, you name it; and an Eiffel Tower-building contest, in which participants (~40 of them) had to build the tallest and most accurate Eiffel Tower out of plastic bottles. And the takeaway—responsible recycling—was just as important as the event was entertaining; indeed, never before was recycling so fun, so exciting, so artistic.

Many thanks go to the Scholars Program for putting on awesome, eco-friendly events!